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  Brooklyn-based free improvisation alien noise sci-fi jazz trio.


       Gían rez - guitar   

 Greg Lou - bass            

   Anthony Genovesi - drums


10/7: Laundromat  8pm

with Toadal Package | Anna Abondolo (How To Play Bass Mvt. 3) | and Alex Tartarsky

10/11: Main Drag   7pm

10/12: Cobra Club 9pm

with Pon Farr

10/19: Hart Bar Wormhole Series   8pm

11/2: Caffeine Underground  7pm

with Death Rattled | Antivoid | Fishing for Sound

11/17: Freddy's  9pm

with Brittlestar

11/25: Pete's Candy Store 9pm

with Office Hours | "SHAUNIE" (GIAN B-DAY SHOW)

11/28: Trans-Pecos 7pm

with Max Kutner/Marc Edwards | Toadal Package | Samantha Kochis

12/14: The Windjammer ft. David Mirar¢hi    7pm

with Wild Strawberries | Webb Crawford | Yvonne Rogers

12/20: Arlene's Grocery  7pm

with DADs | Angalo

1/18: Cafe Erzulie   7pm

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